Featured Member Marcela Kane Understands the Value Of Workplace Diversity – IAWomen Blog

Featured Member Marcela Kane Understands the Value Of Workplace Diversity – IAWomen Blog
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Marcela Kane Lantrip

Marcela Kane Lantrip: Why We Need Women in the Workplace

Marcela Kane Lantrip, a successful manager in the international tax industry, understands the importance of women in corporate America. With relatively few women in senior management compared to men, there are a variety of reasons why we need women in the room, such as the following:

• Research completed specifically with Fortune 500 companies showed that those with women on their boards typically performed higher financially than those with lower female representation. On a smaller scale, this is also true of individual teams—those with more gender diversity have higher average revenue than male-dominated teams.

• Hiring more women has been found to show higher levels of employee retention and engagement, as many people share that they choose to stay with their employers because they find their work enjoyable, fitting to their personal lives, and with opportunities for growth in companies with more women.

• Including more women in the workplace has shown that it simply makes a company a better place to work, in that employees experience more organizational dedication, more meaningful opportunities, higher satisfaction, and less burnout.

Marcela Kane Lantrip knows that gender-diversity, in the end, is good for both individuals as well as companies and organizations as a whole. Marcela Kane currently works at Halliburton in Houston, Texas, and has held a variety of management positions at companies such as Weather ford International and Talisman Energy.

Marcela kane lantrip

Marcela Kane Lantrip: A Focus on Diversity in Corporate America

Marcela Kane Lantrip, Director of Tax at Halliburton in Houston, Texas, knows that diversity in corporate America is crucial in order to build strong, successful, and vibrant companies that make a meaningful change in people’s lives for reasons such as the following:

• Companies that value diversity have more creative viewpoints and ideas that can lead to breakthroughs that may not take place otherwise. When you have people coming from a variety of races, religions, genders, and generations, companies have the opportunity to reap the benefits of having so much experience in one place.

• Companies that focus on building an inclusive workplace environment understand their consumers better as a result of having such a wide variety of people in the same place. Being able to serve your demographic well means having people of many backgrounds who can serve to best meet your audience’s needs. It may even open up new markets that haven’t yet been thought of.

• Companies with higher rates of diversity make better choices and have more opportunities for innovation. By nurturing diverse teams and management who have traveled to other countries or speak different languages, you are opening up a variety of opportunities for success.

• Diverse companies simply are able to brainstorm better together with such a rich history of experiences.

Marcela Kane Lantrip is based in The Woodlands, Texas.

Marcela Kane, JD is recognized by Continental Who’s Who

With its inception in 1919, Halliburton is, “one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry.” Offering integrative, innovative solutions to those they serve, the team at Halliburton offers a wide range of services to their clients including solutions
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