Marcela Kane Lantrip: What You Should Know About LLM Programs

Marcela Kane Lantrip is an experienced and well-educated tax professional in Texas. She works for Halliburton as the Senior International Tax Manager. She has been with other energy companies and has a strong knowledge of international tax law. In 1997, she earned a law degree from the Universidad del Rosario. She then chose to continue her education and in 1998 she completed a Master of Laws Taxation (LL.M). After moving to the United States, she earned another LL.M from the University of Houston. If you are considering enrolling in an LLM program, there are several facts that you should know.

Marcela Kane Lantrip (30).jpg

An LL.M degree is a post graduate law degree. If you have earned a Juris Doctorate and have passed the bar examination, you may consider continuing your education to include a post graduate degree. LL.M programs usually require one year of fulltime study after law school. If you are interested in building a law career on a multinational level, you may consider earning an LL.M. The degree can demonstrate to potential employers that you have had specialized training.

Marcela Kane lantrip

An LL.M can help you advance your career as well. If you are already a practicing attorney, you may consider returning to school so that you can earn an advanced degree and obtain a higher position within your law firm. Marcela Kane Lantrip focused on international tax law while she was earning her LL.M. She spent the first half of her life in South America and is well-versed in various countries tax policies and laws.


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